Movie Store!

So, challenge to myself is that I am trying to post at least once a week. This past one has been busy, but I still wanted to post tonight.  Since the last post was extra long, I felt it was time for a fun short post for you!

I have really missed going to the video store. It used to be a family tradition of ours, and was really enjoyable. For me, it is also easy to just watch netflix  or hulu for like 3 hours and lose track of my day, so I’m not a big fan.

When I go to the movie store, I feel more involved with real life somehow. The media is more difficult to access, and it is a whole endeavor, making the movie itself seem much more special. Browsing the titles and seeing other people from your town looking for movies to rent adds to the movie viewing experience by making the choosing process more sensory and social.

I haven’t been to a video store in almost 3 years, until the other night, when a friend called me and asked me to meet him. It felt almost surreal, as I didn’t even know video stores still existed. However, in Seattle, they do.

We met at Scarecrow Video, and spent an hour just browsing titles. It was amazing. They have such a huge selection of dvds from all genres and many different countries. I was very impressed to see the Literature room, and they even have an “England” section. Joy.

The "Englad" Section of Scarecrow Video

The layout of the store was fun and interactive, and the shelves have bright colors. It’s like being in a used bookstore, except with movies. Awesome.

The workers were friendly and answered all my questions. I even made an account. It was good to see a small local business thriving in such a difficult niche. So, the next time you see a movie review here on Looking for Pemberley, there is a good chance that I will have rented it here.

Shopping for new films to review,

Miss E


3 comments on “Movie Store!

  1. Jennifer Lynn Krohn says:

    While I love renting movies from a physical place I was always annoyed by how they would often have the sequel but not the original. That said, I find I have that problem with netflix too.

    • Yeah- I had that problem with some larger chain stores, but this one was really great because they have clear movie boxes so the titles are easy to see. They seem both very organized and personally devoted to customer service. Both of my movies were the correct ones 🙂

  2. Kristen says:

    I totally agree…I miss video stores! I recently moved to a larger city, and discovered that traditional movie stores have mostly gone out of business here, which I find to be really unfortunate. There’s just something so fun about going out to the video store and browsing through all the available options. And like you said, it makes the whole experience feel more special and novel. Now that just about everything is available through technology, so many things are beginning to feel fake or distant, movie rentals included. The loss of video stores may be a result of the changing times, but it makes me sad to see them go!

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