Need Your Opinion

Hello lovely readers!

Happy Saturday! I hope yours is going well, and that you have a fantastic weekend.

I want to know your thoughts and opinions about the type of posts we do here, which will help me get an idea of who my readership is and what you enjoy reading most.

Pretty Seattle sun for you! (and maybe wishful thinking for me:)

This doesn’t mean I’m going to drastically change my site, but I am curious about what you are interested in seeing when you visit here.

If one topic wins overwhelmingly, I’ll attempt to write more frequent posts about it!

If you could take my poll, I would really appreciate it!  And, if you mark “other,” or have more feedback for me, please write about it in the comments.


Miss E


6 comments on “Need Your Opinion

  1. parwatisingari says:

    hi I kind of stumbled into your blog, basically I read book review’s,feminist theories, both of which are for my personal knowledge bank.

  2. Elaine says:

    I wanted to vote for both book review and cultural commentary!

  3. […] the last post when I asked for your opinion about what you most wanted to see us highlighting on Looking  for Pemberley, a surprisingly high […]

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