Writer’s March

It can be a great thing to set goals for yourself in any area you want to improve in. Goals can give us direction and purpose, but also help us become more aware of our own needs.

I joined Writer’s March last night, and my resolution was to write at least 1 page a day for myself. It goes during the entire month of March, so you totally have time to join!

As stated on their goals page, I am a freelance writer, so I am writing all day, every day. I also write on the weekends and at night. One of the reasons I am a writer by profession is that I just very much enjoy writing.

However, I would also like to spend more time writing interesting posts for Looking For Pemberley. I also think that to continue being passionate about my writing, I need to write for myself.

Pretty! Maybe this can inspire your writing?!

What falls into my definition of writing for myself?

  • journal entries
  • short stories
  • personal blogging
  • writing for fun
  • poetry
  • cathartic writing

What does not count as writing for myself?

  • professional e-mails
  • e-mails of any kind, for that matter
  • articles for clients
  • comments on blog posts
  • typing search terms into Google 😉
  • letters of recommendation for former students
  • anything written with the intention of selling, advertising, or distributing to mass audiences via social media or blogging

1 page a day might seem like a tiny goal, but for me it feels pretty challenging. I currently don’t write for myself most days, not even a few words. Hopefully my goal will help revitalize my personal writing life, and improve my writing in other areas, including Looking for Pemberley. I would love to write more often here, and to write posts that you enjoy.

If you haven’t heard of Writer’s March yet, check it out! The talented writers working on that site have great insights into the life of writers, professional, student writers, and casual writers.

All the best,

Miss E


15 comments on “Writer’s March

  1. Emma, I really like this list of what counts vs. what doesn’t count! Can I reference it in a post?

  2. justalessia says:

    Thank you for the visit and like! I do like your blog too… I’d love to be a writer too… but I often feel there’s still so much to be read, how could I possibly add something too?

    I really admire those who do that, and will follow your blog!

    ps a silly question… do you mean Elizabeth Bennet’ s Pemberley?

  3. fivereflections says:

    hello Miss E.

    does poetry include Haiku and Tanka

    David in Maine USA

  4. good luck on finding me writing time. 🙂

  5. P. K. Newby says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Play a Good Knife and Fork, Miss E! (http://blog.pknewby.com). I appreciate the like on my recent post about the Union Square Greenmarket. As you can probably tell, I also very much enjoy writing and the academic slant often comes into my writing at times, too, given I’m a scientist by day (depending on the topic, of course). Of course, that’s my gig ;). Jealous you get to write all day, however (seriously!) & good luck on the March goal! 🙂 Cheers, @pknewby

  6. ericgwin says:

    Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my lyrics! As you can see, I’m trying something very similar to “Writer’s March” in that I’m writing a song each day throughout the month. I’ve challenged many to do something creative each day, whether that’s writing a song, painting a picture, writing a blog post, whatever. It’s good to see so many talented people (like yourself) setting goals like this. Good luck with reaching your goal! God Bless! –Eric G.

  7. matchsoul says:

    i wish you good luck and success on what you done and what is in your plan. but i want to ad something more, if you get some time so please write for us not only for you, because as writer you are role model of people like us.
    wish you luck

    • Don’t worry- I definitely will continue writing for Looking for Pemberley’s audience as well as myself during my goal setting. So far I have just been writing a page in my journal each night before I go to sleep, and that is helping me already!

  8. […] you may remember, I had entered a challenge for the event Writer’s March (discussed in this previous post).  My challenge to myself was to write at least a page a day of personal writing every day for the […]

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