Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day.

I don’t know about you, but I had not previously heard so much about International Women’s Day before this year. Perhaps in large part to the recent politicized news about women’s rights, health, and the increase in social media sharing with Twitter, facebook, and blogs, the news is just easier to access?

There were protests in Turkey and around the world to remind people of all nations that women are still treated unfairly to a large extent.

Perhaps the most interesting article I found was from Alternet.org, which discusses the increased awareness towards the sexist and anti-women messages coming out of recent Republican debates.

Of course, this increased awareness in America about our own problems is a good thing, but as the article points out, there are women who are still suffering  around the world as a result of inequality, subjection, patriarchy, and lack of adequate healthcare access.

This holiday interests me, and am eager for your thoughts about it.

What is your favorite or least favorite thing about Women’s Day?  Do you see it as problematic in any way, as a necessary celebration, as your favorite day of the year?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Miss E


9 comments on “Women’s Day

  1. I grew up in Italy and International Women’s Day has always been a big deal since I can remember. When I moved to the States I was slightly mistified nobody seemed to know about.
    The way we celebrate is with peaceful marches, remembering women’s fights equality, and by giving each other bunches of mimosa. Not sure where or when the mimosa came in but it’s common for male teachers to bring mimosa to school to offer to female students or for male co-workers to do the same.
    Anyway, I suppose it’s a good reminder to keep up the fight.
    Love you blog – share your degree an your avid passion for literature and reading in general

    • Hey! Thank you for visiting, and for your comment! I am glad you stopped by, and that is really interesting to hear an Italian perspective on IWD from your standpoint. Mimosa sounds like a great way to celebrate! Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Hi Miss E! While I appreciate a national Woman’s Day, I wonder that our society requires a “special” day to recognize Women. Why is it that we are not conscious of the Woman’s role in our cultures and societies on a daily basis? Any why do you think Americans (especially, but not only) are so occluded to the realities of women throughout the world?

    • Hi Emily! I love your comment! I absolutely agree with you. The fact that it needs to be a “day” makes it almost more of a problem. I have always felt that way about mother’s day as well.

      I think that perhaps Americans are occluded (great word) most of the world’s problems, and that specific groups in America, primarily the wealthy and those who only have “first world problems” are blissfully (and willfully) ignorant of the very real problems surrounding them. It is much easier to blame others, like other genders, other countries, other ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, etc. than it is to take the responsibility that would come with the realization that Americans are are not only a part of the world as well, (not exceptional), but that we are also partially to blame for the continuation of those problems.

  3. milenanik3 says:

    Reblogged this on Milenanik3's Blog and commented:
    I am always glad to pass over interesting articles about woman..today about Woman’s Day

  4. Judith Tan says:

    I used to think that the International Women’s Day set on the 8th of March had something to do with the creator or organiser being a Chinese. You see, Chinese dialect had a term for the especially nosey or talkative or silly women, and that term sounded like the Chinese words for 3 and 8 (san ba). That’s why when 8th of March is said to be San Ba Fu Nu Jie (3/8 Women’s Day), I naturally thought it was a Chinese thing, until very recently did I realise it is international.

    It might sound derogatory to call a woman San Ba, but we mostly take it in good stride 😉

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today.

    • Thanks for sharing your story! Maybe that is part of the history behind Women’s Day. It is always interesting to hear how everyone reacts to this type of holiday, and the possible reasons it exists!

  5. katecrimmins says:

    I hadn’t heard about it at all! Thanks for the information. I have always felt lucky that I was born here. I suspect I would be dead had I lived in other areas where women are much more restricted.

  6. sacchi13 says:

    Thanks for an excellent piece

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