Blog Update

Hi everyone,

Miss E here.

I did not fall off the face of the planet or anything, but I have actually been on the blog every day doing background work. P.S. I finally figured out the Pinterest button! (should be to your right at the top of the page 😀 )  I have actually been on Pinterest for a long time- it has to be my favorite social media site.

Lake Washington in the Winter

I have been trying to figure out a few secrets to blogging, setting up a host, and other bloggish things that I am still mostly in the dark about. I am adding more every week, but it is slow going many days!

Even though I have not posted, I have been logging in to read your fabulous comments! Yay! Thank you 🙂 and I also had my first “Troll” experience on the blog. Someone left some pretty negative comments to other readers, and to myself, that were just not productive or appropriate, actually.

I didn’t “accept” them because they would have been a waste of space, but they were a great reminder that I need to keep doing what I’m doing, and trying to create conversation (polite conversation, not the textual equivalent of yelling).

Usually, I accept every comment and respond to as many as possible, and I actually enjoy engaging with those who agree and disagree with my viewpoints. I am not cool with people attacking my other commenters or being just plain ignorant, however. Nope, not cool with it.  Looking For Pemberley is a safe space, and none of you should feel attacked here.

How do you handle “trolls?”

I will have another post for you soon, and hope you are all having an amazing weekend.


Miss E



14 comments on “Blog Update

  1. milenanik3 says:

    Reblogged this on Milenanik3's Blog and commented:
    About a “trolling”..

  2. babso2you says:

    I get some weird stuff sometimes and I do delete them. They are not worth responding to or even approving! Keep going! Love this blog!

  3. Jillian ♣ says:

    I haven’t gotten a lot of trolls. But my plan would be to edit their comment to make them look ridiculous, and link it back to a page explaining how to comport oneself with decorum in the blogosphere.

  4. What timing! Pinterest is on the front page of the NY Times business section today.
    As to trolls, I woke up one morning with my inbox flooded with scurrilous and violent comments towards me and people who had commented on my blog. It was not just negative, it was threatening – clearly a lunatic. I deleted them, confined his address to junk and let it go. My suggestion would be not to engage, not even acknowledge in passing.

  5. Posky says:

    Just ignore the rolls, they’ll go away when they get bored. They also tend to leave you alone if you don’t take things very seriously.

  6. notwh0 says:

    Love that image of Lake Washington! And I love Pintarest too – its just plain and simple fun. Thanks for the blog – looking forward to reading more.

  7. Trolls just bring everyone down. They eventually show up. Best to keep them under the bridge and out of sight. After watching how they are expertly handled at, best to either ignore them or delete them. It’s all about them you see, and responding just feeds their hunger.

  8. Fiona Cox says:

    Thanks for writing about “trolls”. I’d never heard that term used before, but I admit I am a novice when it comes to blogging. I think you are handling them the right way, we don’t need them to derail a good conversation. Best, Fiona

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