Working in Seattle

Hello everyone! Hope your Tuesday/Wednesday is going well.

Lately I have been reading blogs that have “Wordless Wednesdays.” Have you ever heard of that? It’s when blogs have a series of pictures, or one picture instead of a prose post.

I do not think I’ll start doing Wordless Wednesdays, but I did want to share some fun pics I took of writing in Seattle yesterday with you. Nothing serious today- just fun Seattle sunshine and latte art from a place you should definitely check out- Zoka coffee shop.

The Space Needle with sun in Seattle

Love it when the sun comes out in Seattle!

With the flash!

Different angle- no flash.

Love the new pattern.

about 1/2 the way through

Ah, I love my coffee while writing. It makes me more productive, although I usually don’t order lattes. Just regular black coffee. I am also very glad to have finally found a few places that serve delicious lattes (although coffee is everywhere here, truly great coffee shops are bizarrely difficult to find in Seattle, which shocks me). Zoka definitely makes one of the best lattes I’ve ever had in my lifetime.

In other good news, these pictures were all taken with my cell phone camera, as are many of the ones I post here. If you have a larger screen, you might be grossed out by the poor image quality/ pixels. However, my wonderful friend gave me an old Nikon digital camera yesterday. As you might have guessed, I will use it to take pictures, and will then post those (way better than cell phone quality) pictures to the blog! I’m very excited about it, and hope that it will make your reading experience better.

Do you drink coffee while writing?  Something else? Nothing at all?

Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Miss E


44 comments on “Working in Seattle

  1. graceeetea says:

    I love drinking coffee while writing– if it’s day time. Haha! At night, I just take cups of tea but there’s never any cute art in that. 😦 Or at least, I haven’t seen it yet.

  2. markyslashlevy says:

    Very nice! Great to look at!

  3. Donna says:

    I love Seattle, coffee and writing. Three of my favorite things. I lived in Seattle for many years and spent a lot of time in U District coffee shops before my husband got into grad school some where far away. Thanks for reminding me of great memories.

  4. jazfagan says:

    Love the leaf on the latte, very Buddhist, tree of life and all that…peace Jaz

  5. Kyley says:

    Those photo’s make me want to get a cup of coffee! Ever tried listening to music while you write? I can’t write without..

  6. erasmus2011 says:

    Yesterday I spilled tea on important documents. In the future, I will avoid to drink while writing. :s

  7. Lady Sensory says:

    I didn’t click for close-ups, but those pics are just fine! Many people are using their cell phones for photography lately (especially with all the iphone photo apps). On another note, I do like me some latte art! There’s bound to be someone out there reading your sips like they are tea leaves! Enjoy the Seattle coffee!

  8. ruthpinto says:

    Hot cocoa or tea with no milk with my scribbled in notebook. Ah.

  9. I think those photos are great for being taken by a camera phone! There’s something about coffee and Seattle – alas, it’s been about a year and a half since I last visited 😦

  10. I love the pictures of your latte. I do drink coffee while posting. As a matter of fact I am enjoying a cup now! I am so glad the sun is out in Seattle. I bet the city looks beautiful.

  11. You know, I haven’t tried going to a coffee shop, ordering a cup and writing in a while. The last time I did proved to be one of my most productive writing ventures, and that was with company too. Really need to do that again!

  12. michellebloom says:

    i always drink coffee when i write. though, i try not to drink too much, and will balance it with early grey tea, or roobios or mint tea if i had too much caffeine. 🙂

  13. CMRock says:

    There is something synonymous and comforting about drinking a warm beverage – black coffee or Earl Grey tea for me- and writing, especially when it’s drizzling in Seattle. If the sunshine is out, I’m more likely to take my coffee to go and walk around outside. This city is so amazing in that it seems everyone truly appreciates the sun when it’s out rather than taking it for granted, assuming it will be around another day. Coming from San Francisco, it was easy to sip a beverage and write while being out at Dolores Park. Sadly, I haven’t found the same inspiration from Seattle city parks yet…

  14. annagergen says:

    I used to live in Seattle, and I’ve been to Zoka! I absolutely adore their latte art. Unfortunately, I was not writing at the time, so I did not get to experience the atmosphere in a creative way. Best wishes in the best city!

  15. I love coffee! And I especially love when your coffee looks as beautiful as it tastes:)

  16. Tommy Walker says:

    What’s the point of opening a great coffee shop in Seattle when everyone, including myself, will happily settle for our favorite son, Starbucks, especially if you can find a wall outlet?

    I started getting really into Zeitgeist by the train station (something about ‘Z’s to help wake us up?), but that may have been more about the hot sandwiches and bonus side salads, though the coffee is very good.

    Try the Polyclinic Deli on Capitol Hill for a superior cup, especially if you like Reubens.

  17. Coffee when I read. Green tea or roiboos when I write – somehow I find tea more meditative…

  18. wordart2012 says:

    I do my best writing at that stage between dream and reality….no coffee, just sipping on twilight.

  19. The coffee looks delicious!!! Love pictures of fancy coffee!!

  20. mollyspring says:

    i have to have coffee to write, but i get so distracted when i’m actually at the coffeeshop because i’m always running into people I know!

    great pictures 🙂

  21. fivereflections says:

    Thank you for posting your pictures and I’m thirsty…

    David in Maine USA

  22. Tea, Honey, and a little Cream. The cat likes a little cream, too.

  23. melindarenee says:

    I kind of like the “wordless wednesday” concept… says the girl who writes 3? 4? blogs??… 🙂 On my private blog, I did Wednesday Wonders for a long time…. sometimes it was more along the lines of “I wonder WTF that person was thinking….” to a situation, and sometimes it was a deep and profound “ah-ha” wonderment. So much fun, writing and sharing writing!

    • Lol 🙂 Yeah- I can definitely understand why! I am not on a regular calendar with my postings, but I also feel like Wordless Wednesday was a genius idea. Keeping up with posts can be a lot of work!

  24. marlandphotos says:

    I love your latte-art photos!

  25. powerpeanut says:

    HA! I love the progress coffee photos. Very cute.

  26. Chuck says:

    My oldest son lived in Seattle for a while. He was just a few blocks away from Pike Place Market. Oh how I loved to visit there.

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