Lost and Found

Hello Readers!

So, remember when I was lamenting the loss of some of my books in progress? I just found one of them again yesterday! It’s Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, and I have just finished reading it. I believe I started it quite a while back, I mean, perhaps as far back as September or October even.

However, I sadly lost it just as things were getting really exciting in the storyline, and here’s the reason why: I’m a book sleeper- I have always liked to read before bed, and in graduate school I developed a (bad? Or Good?) habit of keeping my books close at hand, piled on the side of the bed in heaps. That worked pretty well when I had a bed on the floor, but apparently it does not work so well when the bed is raised.

Very nice tree. I really just wanted to post a tree picture 😉

I found the book tucked away under my bed, amongst a few other items I have been searching for, some for months. Next time I lose a book, I am looking here first.

Will be back with a review for you soon about this novel! I am also curious to know your experiences with books before sleep. Do you leave your books piled on your bed? Do you have a bookshelf next to your bed? I am looking for some strategies for managing this better in the future, and will hopefully be able to continue my reading habits of many at a time, without losing more of my books.


Miss E



8 comments on “Lost and Found

  1. mollyspring says:

    I always read before bed. I find it much easier to read on my kindle in bed, do my paper books in progress are usually piled on my desk.

    I’ve never had a problem losing books, but my glasses mysteriously disappeared from my nightstand a couple months ago (I blame te cat) but luckily I had a back up pair that are the same prescription. I have woken up mny mornings to find my husband’s kindle in the bed, but it still functions properly.

    I did enjoy Water for Elephants. The movie was pretty good too.

  2. I can empathise completely and am very happy for you! I live abroad, went home for Christmas, started reading Crime & Punishment. I was enjoying it immensely… but then I forget to take it home. It’s just sitting there at my parents’ house, unfinished.

    Regarding where I keep my books – technically have a place on the shelf; in reality, they’re within arm’s reach on the floor under my bed. 🙂

  3. I’m no help. I have the same problem with the stack that sits on the side of the bed between the bedside table and the mattress. They get jostled off and if they aren’t what I am currently focused on, they can go missing badly, especially if the fall up toward the headboard and under that way. Scary dustbunnyland. I am currently reading on my kindle and in “real” books. I like each in different ways. The Kindle is good for reading without bothering sleeping spouse, but it’s already developing issues communicating with the charger, so that adds another dynamic to the little spot between mattress and table. Now I’m focused on finding a way to exert just the right angle of pressure on charger connection so that it will successfully charge while I sleep and be ready to go in the morning. Flat simple connection doesn’t work, so the night table is no help….

  4. I’m a poly-biblio, reading many books over the course of a few weeks and then choosing the next batch. If one book captures me completely, I tend to be lost until I finish it…Have many stacked in two vertical piles on the bedside table and underneath, on the shelves…my husband made the table to order: love such gifts. Sometimes the piles threaten to collapse into the bed, a good sign I’m not spending enough time reading! Covet a Kindle or i-Pad so I can read my own published e-books. Just finished a re-read of J Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces…challenged my wakefulness and led me into interesting dreams!

  5. babso2you says:

    The books are stacked by the bed; in the nightstand; on the side table next to the couch…My parents were readers and I got in the habit of reading before going to sleep. If I don’t, I cannot go to sleep! Wasn’t a good thing when I was dating…

  6. I do have books piled, way to high, next to my bed, and next to the couch, and the table, and in the bathroom, and, well you get the point. Thanks for the review and your just want to post the picture of the tree brought a big smile to my face.

  7. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of the book. I loved it because I thought it was so unique 🙂

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