Work With Me

Hello Reader,

I am glad you enjoy Looking for Pemberley. Thanks for stopping by! This blog spurred out of my desire to become a more active writer, and writing for myself and my readership at Looking for Pemberley has made me realize how much writing and language means in my life. After starting this blog, I have also become a professional writer. I write for an online magazine, and do freelance work with various clients around the Seattle area (writing, editing, tutoring, creative consulting).

The tiny Netbook I write most of my articles on. Hire me to help fund a bigger computer!

I love to be creative, and to make contacts with new people. I even made another site just as an index for some of the professional services I offer. You can find it HERE and contact me through that site. Are you looking for a writer or editor to help you with your next novel? Do you need site content or regular contributors for your blog?

I am currently available for hire as a writer and editor. Let me know if you want to work with me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

All best,

Miss E

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